SwingTraderGuide.com focuses on the speculative activity of swing trading the stock markets for profit. 

Why Swing Trade For a Living?

In today’s unpredictable worldwide economy nothing is certain. Your employment is not certain, your home value is not certain and even your retirement account balance is not certain. I became interested in trading for one reason…INDEPENDENCE.

Independence from…

  • Employers
  • Time constraints
  • Economic conditions
  • Geographic constraints
  • Employee management
  • Illiquid investments 

To Be Successful At Trading You Simply Need Four Things

  • A brokerage account
  • Trading capital
  • The time & discipline for trading
  • A proven trading system (this is where I come in) 

Along with my popular swing trading course you will also find a wealth of free information on SwingTraderGuide.com ranging from articles, spreadsheets, software, PDF files, to videos. All the information I publish here is related to trading and is geared toward helping you make more money in the markets.

You could spend thousands of dollars for an investment training seminar. Or you can try to pick up the latest “hot trading secrets” from a home study course. Either option can be quite expensive and doesn’t guarantee that you will enjoy a high level of trading success.

In the past, you might have searched for months or even years to find a swing trading training program that taught you everything you needed to learn at a price that wouldn’t empty your wallet. But here’s the great news: I’ve already done the hard work for you!

In fact, I will save you countless hours of trial and error and research and show you a complete swing trading business for the cost of a single profitable trade!

Welcome to the site and please feel free to partake of all resources and join the community.