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For most traders I would recommend at least $5000 in starting capital so that commissions don’t represent too large of a reduction in returns on a percent basis.

Yes, my methods work with any freely traded market including Forex and Futures.

Yes, my methods work with any freely traded market including non-US markets like India.

I don’t support 3rd party software but the methods I use are already programmed in most software packages.

No, I reveal my trading methods that you can use with a variety of trading software packages.

The course manual is provided in PDF format, the tool videos are hosted online and the tools are executable software.

Though this is entirely dependent on market conditions, a typical swing trade is held between 1-10 days.

Yes, I provide the criteria for screening the market for desirable stocks for both long and short trades.

This depends quite a bit on your capital and market conditions but generally you can expect to see 10-20 new trade opportunities per week.

Though the swing trading methods in my course are based on end of day price swings you may adapt them to day trading as well.

You will need to allocate at least 30 minutes per day to manage your existing positions and analyze stocks for new trades.

Yes, You have a full 60 days to trade with my methods. If they don’t generate a profit on your first 15 trades (real or paper) you may request a refund.

At this time the course is only available in PDF format for instant download.

Yes, I provide free lifetime email support for the information contained in my course.

Yes, all purchasers will receive any revisions for a full year after purchase.

Yes. I recommend a few software packages that allow for standard as well as custom formulas. Some are FREE!

Yes, we do have an affiliate program available for those that wish to offer our product for sale to others.

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