Whitelisting SwingTraderGuide.com

In order to guarantee that you receive communications from me, you need make sure you add me as a 'contact' in your email provider. If you don't, occasionally emails from me can end up in your spam folder, and you miss out entirely!
I've included instructions below for the most common email services: 

If you do not have any of these email services, you can ask your ISP or email provider how to add someone as a 'contact' or to your 'safe list' by emailing your postmaster.  The email for this is usually Postmaster@ and then the name of your email service.

For example if you are using Hotmail, it would be Postmaster@hotmail.com

If you are using AOL, you can ensure that your subscription information is delivered to your inbox by setting your Mail Controls. Here's how:

1. Go to Mail Controls
2. Select the screen name we're sending your email to
3. Click Customize mail Controls for this screen name

For AOL version 8.0:
Select allow email from all AOL members, email address and domains.
1. Click next until the save button shows up at the bottom
2. Click save

If you haven't received an email from me yet:
Please add my "From address" to your AOL address book:

1. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book.
2. Wait for the "Address Book" window to pop up, then click the Add button.
3. Wait for the "Address Card for New Contact" window to load.
4. Paste inquiries@swingtraderguide.com into the "Other E-Mail" field.
5. Make our From address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box.
6. Click the Save button.

If you have already received an email from me:
If my email is in your AOL Spam Folder, please open the email and then click the This Is Not Spam button. Next, please add our address into your Address Book as described above.



1. Sign into Webmail.

2. On the left navigation menu, click Address Book.
3. Click Add Contact.
4. Under the General tab, in the box under the Email Address, enter inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
5. Click the Add button.
If you have enabled Restrict Incoming Email, also do the following:
1. Sign into Webmail.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Select Restrict Incoming Email. Note: If Enable Email Controls is set to Yes, then you are restricting incoming emails.
4. Select Allow email from addresses listed below.
5. Enter inquiries@swingtraderguide.com, and click the Add button.
1. Click the Address Book button to open your address book in the browser.
2. Click the Add Contact button (if you use EarthLink 5.0 or higher, click the Add button).
3. Type inquiries@swingtraderguide.com into the email address slot and then click OK.
If you haven't received a message from me yet, add inquiries@swingtraderguide.com to your Gmail Contacts List:

1. Click Contacts along the left side of any Gmail page.
2. Click Add Contact.
3. Copy and paste inquiries@swingtraderguide.com into the primary email address dialog box.
4. Click Save.

How to check if my email is in the "spam" folder:

1. Click Spam along the left side of any Gmail page.
2. Check-mark the box next to our newsletter.
3. Click Not Spam button along the top.

If you are using Hotmail, add inquiries@swingtraderguide.com to your Hotmail Safe List. Here's how:
1. Open your mailbox and click "Options" (upper right hand corner).
2. Click the "Junk E-Mail Protection" link (top of page).
3. Select the "Safe List" link (2nd from bottom).
4.In the space provided (labeled "Type and address or domain", enter inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
5. Click "Add"

5. When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click OK

If you have received a message from me :

1. If my email is in your Junk E-Mail Folder, open the email and click the Not Junk button.
2. Next, check to see if my email address is in your Blocked Senders list. If you see my email address on this list, select it and click the Remove button.
3. Finally, if you have not done so, add my email address into your Safe List as outlined above.


If you haven't received a message from me yet:

You will need to add my email address to your Thunderbird Address Book and configure your Junk Mail Controls to white list your address book.

1. Click the Address Book button.
2. Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted.
3. Click the New Card button. This will launch a New Card window that has 3 tabs: Contact, Address & Other.
4. Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our "From" address, add inquiries@swingtraderguide.com into the Email dialog box.
5. Click OK.

If you have received a message from me :

1. Please check your Junk folder to see if my emails have been mistakenly placed there.
2. To prevent this from happening in the future, you need to mark my email as not junk. Do this by right-clicking on my alert email and choose "Mark As Not Junk".

White list your Personal Address Book:
1. From the main drop down menu, select "Tools Junk Mail Controls…"
This will launch the Junk Mail Controls window that has two tabs: Settings and Adaptive Filter.
2. Under the Settings tab, update the "White Lists" module by selecting Personal Address Book from the pull down menu and then check mark the box next to "Do not mark messages as junk mail". Click OK.

Add my address to your Safe Senders list:
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail.
3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add.
4. In the Add address, put inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
5. Click OK.

1. Go to the SBC Global Mail page and click the Options link.
2. In the Management section, click the Filters link.
3. Click the Add button.
4. In the "From header" rule, in the field to the right of contains, enter inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
5. From the Move the message to pull-down list, choose inbox.
6. Click the Add Filter button to save the filter.

1. Go to your account and click on the Address Book link in the left column.
2. Select Create Contact.
3. The Add Address Book Entry screen appears. In the Email field, type inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
4. In the Nickname field, type my email address again.
5. Select Save.

To ensure your subscription information is delivered to your Yahoo inbox (not the Bulk Mail or Junk Mail folder), you can instruct Yahoo to filter it to your inbox. Here's how:
1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
2. Click Mail Options (upper right hand corner).
3. Click filters
4. Next, click add filter (may also be add link)
5. In the top row, labeled From Header: make sure contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
6. Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter inquiries@swingtraderguide.com
(Please select the email address from the list provided, if available).
7. At the bottom, where it says Move the message to: select Inbox from the pull-down menu.
8. Click the Add Filter button again.

If you have received a message from me:

1. If my email is getting stuck in your Yahoo Bulk Folder, please open
the email and click the Not Spam button.
2. Next, check to see if the email address is in your "Blocked Addresses" list. If you see my email address on this list, select it and click the Remove Block button.
3. Lastly, please set up a filter as outlined above.

1. Scroll up to the message header.
2. Get to the field where their name is listed, click the Berry button and then click Show Address.
3. Select and copy that address to the clipboard.
4. Go into Address Book and find the user.
5. Select Save.
6. Click to edit it, and then click the Berry button to add another email address.
7. Paste it in and click Save.
Thank you for whitelisting SwingTraderGuide.com!