This is a review of  Worden’s Telecharts Stock Charting and Screening Package, a tool that I actually used for years. (using my own custom software these days) I was a member of the Telecharts community for over 10 years from a wet behind the ears beginner to an experienced Trader.  Through this maturing experience I have used Telecharts religiously to provide a view of the US Stock Markets that I do not believe is available anywhere else.

I have reviewed many Stock Charting (Technical Analysis) Packages over the years but in my opinion NONE offer what Telechart offers, a fantastic price with an excellent array of features, but Telechart offers you much much more.

  • Easy updating of stock prices
  • Powerful screening and sorting
  • A huge user community
  • Individual Stock Analysis by Don & Peter Worden
  • The Daily Worden Report, by Don Worden
  • Support for custom indicators
  • Proprietary Indicators (TSV, Money Stream & Balance of Power)
  • “The Knights of the Round Table”

Telecharts not only allows you to plot charts, but it allows you the limitless ability to create custom indicators and formulas.   Ever try apply Stochastics to volume?  You can do it with Telecharts.  It also enables you to learn from the best members and see how they analyze stocks and do what they do.  Even better they encourage you to “Think for yourself” and this is after all one of the goals of the liberated stock trader, “enabling you with the tools and the knowledge to make your own decisions, to impact your future”.  I hope this review of  Telecharts is useful to help you assess what charting package is right for you.

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